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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hare & Hounds

Remember my photograph of Cattle on the Low?

Well turn around and this is what you see, the Hare & Hounds on Werneth Low Road looking towards Four Lane Ends.


AVCr8teur said...

That is a curious name. Is it an inn, restaurant, or something else? It looks like it's in a very quiet neighborhood.

Gail's Man said...

Looks a good traditional pub. Have you swigged a few pints in there?

Babooshka said...

I see no traffic and serenity. I am feeling that way out.

brattcat said...

Oh, what I wouldn't give for a good pub here in Vermont!

Boise Diva said...

Just the kind of pub you won't want to miss trying out.

Ineke said...

typical english scenery

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

Did they ever run "The Hunt" from there.
There are very few decent pubs over here, and the best pubs are more like resraurants that sell beer but you have to be drinking age to enter.
drinking age is...
21 in USA
19 in Canada
18 in England
As soon as you are born in France.
Here in Canada, living close to the USA border, we get a bus full of college students come here for a weekend so they can drink legally.

imac said...

Looks like another great watering hole Gerald.

Dave Richards said...

Coming along soon after the “Cattle on the Low” picture came to my notice really got my memory cells working; while reminiscing I may perhaps answer some of the questions already posed. The Hare and Hounds is still in what could be reasonably considered a little off the beaten track though quite accessible. I don’t recall a hunt ever assembling there. In my youth, when few households had their own car, a trip to the top of the Low was far too energetic for many and the Hare and Hounds only seemed to garner a small business; and that mostly in the warmer months. If I remember rightly (and I am open to correction) the landlord in the mid 50’s was a Walter Mansfield. There were farm buildings part of the premises and the landlord also farmed there; I believe in fact that the field shown in “Cattle on the Low” was part of the property. I seem to remember once going to a sheepdog trial in that same field. At the time I used to go past the pub the outside seating arrangements were not there but it is good though to see how little, externally at least, the place has changed. I’d love to visit and bend my elbow there, but don’t really see that happening.

Lilli & Nevada said...

What a great place

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