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Monday, December 08, 2008

Foggy Bank

Sometimes our minds are like this foggy bank - a photograph taken a few weeks ago.

But even though the fog obscures the bigger picture, the foreground remains and comes to the forefront of our minds.

Don't we all have days like this?

Things will be clearer tomorrow.


babooshka said...

Your text to accompany this image certainly sums up my world presently.
As Nick Drake would say- Bryter Later. I will hopefully try emailing tomorrow re the blue image.I have a few thoughts.

magiceye said...


Mediterranean kiwi said...

i love dull looking days like this - perfect weather for staying at home and thinking...

RuneE said...

A nice illustration of both the prevailing weather conditions often my prevailing mental condition as well.

Hilda said...

My mindset's a bit different right now. All I can think of at seeing your photo was "Dreamy." :)

marley said...

Nice one. Our photos today do go together very well.

D said...

I love a foggy day. Foggy thinking...not so much! ;)
Thanks for visiting and following my blog.

angela said...

I think I'm having one of those moments; I keep typing in the wrong words.

When I'm out in the car I hate fog but seeing it in a photo, well, it does look dreamy and romantic..

magicpolaroid said...

love this fog photo!
Thanks for visiting and following my blog.

Shelagh said...

Superb photo - I can practically feel the tiny droplets on my skin... Such a contrast to the hot dry part of the year that we call summer here - temperatures every now and then top 40 degrees. But sometimes - rarely - fog like this pushes in from the sea 10 miles away

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