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Sunday, December 07, 2008

St John's Tower

I showed a distant picture of St John the Baptist at Godley in January.

Here now is a much closer view of the tower taken from just behind the church.


nobu said...

I like this composition,late autumn tree and historical tower.

nituscorner said...

wow. your pic. reminded me of the fairy tales i read when i was younger. the castles and towers.g8 capture.

RuneE said...

Once again I'm amazed by the richness of English churches.

Hilda said...

Are people allowed to go up there? I really love the richness of your old architecture!

Dan said...

I like the composition in this one too. Nice work on this. Is the church still in use?

Denton said...

And your photo appears to have been taken at 11:20am.

Maybe we should suggest a theme showing clock towers around the world all with the same time.

I think I'm off to the City Daily Photo forum now to make that suggestion.

lisasarsfield said...

I really like your compostition here. The tree breaking the squareness of the shot is great. Cool looking tower too...they don't make 'em like that these days!

gogouci said...

Beautifully framed photo. I like how the sky really contrasts the color and texture of the tower.

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