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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Contenders for Photo of the Year 2008

On 1st January 2009, the CDPB theme will be "Photo of the Year".

Now I can't decide myself which one I should use, so have selected twelve contenders for the honour, and I am asking readers to vote for their favourites.

The full photographs and a voting form can be found at Best of Hyde Daily Photo 2008.

All readers will have 6 votes at their disposal. You can put all six on one photo or spread them out giving one each to six separate photographs, three each to two, two each to three or any combination you choose so long as the total votes given is a total of six.

Voting will close at noon GMT on Saturday 27th December 2008.

The winning picture will be posted at Hyde Daily Photo on the 1st January 2009. The runner-up and full details of the results will appear on Ackworth born, gone West.


babooshka said...

This is an excellent idea. I promise when I have more time and my own laptop at my disposal I will peruse these fully. Not that I am opinionated in the slightest of course.

lynn said...

Hey hey Gerald, you won the postcard competition over at mine!

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