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Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Inn

The New Inn on the A57 at Hattersley.

How new?

Well I'm told it dates back to the 1600s and was known as a highwayman's inn. There are tales of it being haunted by a ghost named Mary.

In the background is Wardlebrook Avenue on Hattersley. The house where Ian and Myra did their nefarious deeds has thankfully been long demolished.


Janine said...

Ah, The New old "haunt"!! I lived next door to this pub for almost 20 years. My bedroom used to overlook the beer garden and many a time I watched the young Ricky & Matt Hatton brothers playing there, as their parents were the Landlord and Landlady. Thanks Gerald

Lew said...

Age is relative. There is a New River that is thought to be the oldest in North America. The Inn looks well kept after 400 years! I'm enjoying your posts from around Hyde.

Jilly said...

Looks a lovely old inn, Gerald and I'm glad to hear the other place has been demolished.

debbie power said...

i use to live at the beginning of hattersley facing where the moors murders lived,things happened in that house that should not happen,i heard that everyone that lived in it did'nt stay living there long,i moved out many years ago now an i some times wonder if who lives there now have the same things happen to them that happened to me.

Lizzy said...

I used to work there making sandwiches at lunchtime when I was at college one holidays - the I moved on to making pies at Walls in my holidays

Kelly said...

I love hauntings! How long has Mary been in residence?

marley said...

A place with grim history. Nice shot though.

Ruby said...

I wonder how they know the ghost is called Mary. Maybe someone asked her name!

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