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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dawson Street

When I showed the Stonecraft car dealership a few weeks ago, someone asked
However do they get the cars out of that narrow lot?
Well the answer is that most of the cars are parked in a second lot across the road.

Dawson Street leads into an area marked on google-maps as Redfern Industrial Estate, which is actually just a collection of small industrial units. I'm not sure all the units are occupied nor what kinds of work takes place there.


Cezar and Léia said...

This is a busy place!Maybe they could do a new large parking place!

magiceye said...

It is peace in Mumbai at last.
Thank you for all your prayers and good wishes.
Pray for all those who lost their lives and may God give strength to their near and dear ones to bear their irreparable loss.

downsie21 said...

Gerald, have you ever noticed that the sign on the main road spells it "REDFEARN" not REDFERN. Years ago it was Redfern Rubber Works which was a medium sized employer in Hyde.

lynn said...

It does look pretty packed!

K M F said...


Dan said...

wow looks like a very busy dealership! As our fuel prices have dropped cars are moving again here. We love our big cars in the US and I understand that the sales on the full sized trucks, suv, and cars are increasing quite a bit.

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