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Friday, November 28, 2008

Sluice Gates at Godley Reservoir

These are the sluice gates at Godley Reservoir.

Of the two pylons you can see, I'm not sure which is the one featured here last Monday.


magiceye said...

Thank you so much for your concern and good wishes.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Mediterranean kiwi said...

looks a little like a regularised version of stonehenge to me

Rinkly Rimes said...

Two romantic looking bikers heading for Flowery Field! You live in a most romantic place!

lynn said...

They look like giant handles on a horizontal door. Is it just me? :)

Dan said...

I agree with Lynn, reminds me of door handles.

Hilda said...

Looks old — except for the door handle, that is.

Do you think you can get a shot of those gates in action one day? I've never seen sluice gates!

Isadora said...

Interesting structure and such beautiful green grass! It is so amazing to see the fields in Hungary too - the new planting of wheat is bright green under the thin layer of snow.

Have a great week-end!

Petrea said...

I love to see structures like this, that seem to have been built long ago but are still functioning in our modern world.

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