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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Three Bob Entrance

Lying on Tinker's Passage at the back of Ewen Fields, the home of Hyde United, is this old entrance to the ground.

The disused turnstiles are probably rusted shut. Going by the inscription on the lintel, this was the three-bob entrance!

Last year the advertised entrance fee was £9 adults, £3 OAPs and children.

A bob is a shilling in old money (5 new pence); there were 20 shillings in a pound and 12 pence in a shilling; a 6 penny piece (half a shilling) was a tanner.

The UK went decimal in 1971 so I wonder how long ago this entrance was last used.


Ashtonian said...

I have 3 shillings and a ten bob note

Lew said...

So, not accounting for the change to decimal, if you go through the rusty gate it's 3 shillings, but any other entrance is 180 shillings? Quite a price increase even for 37 years.

Silwy said...

Sometimes, I am surprised how great and impresive could be photos with just one door or window..


i love this little bit of history - that entrance has been closed so long?!?

Neva said...

What a nice piece of history....and I am confused about the change!

KAZ said...

Amazing that the notice has survived. At Blackburn Rovers in the sixties they had the 'boys' entrance,.
They would have to call it the young persons entrance now of course.

Poet in Residence said...

I saw Hyde United playing football when I was a kid. They played in the Cheshire League. I think they were quite good in those days. Kept beating Runcorn as I remember.
You tossed your spare pennies into a blanket carried round the pitch by St. John's Ambulance people at half time. Great days!

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