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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Croft Millennium Green

Whilst some terraced properties on Croft Street were modernised, the row between Henry Street and Great Norbury Street was demolished together with those on Albion Street which no longer exists.

The Croft Millennium Green was created in that open space.

In the background can be seen a crane on the building site behind Onward Street.


HZDP said...

And we have a Millenium garden here, too. But not so beautiful as this one.


thanks for the comment gerald
we have a dreadful problem with british tourists in the malia area of herakelion, crete - caused of course by the relaxed stance taken concerning drunkenness and disordrly activity on the part of the local police - it may happen in our area too, but i guess i dont know about it because i dont go to those places !!!

Kelly said...

Very peaceful! The curves of the modern looking arbor are lovely.

Pietro said...

Great atmosphere in these gardens: I like them a lot.

Lori said...

Everything looks very lush and green in the garden. You must get lots of rain to keep things so green. Our lawns tend to get a little brown in the summer. (Thanks for letting me know that others had difficulties posting today. I finally got it to work.)

babooshka said...

How could anything called Albion be demolished! Tsk! I wonder what Structures we will have fro the next Millenium, presuming we are still here of course. I am immortal of course.

Ashtonian said...

Two gardens pics in the same day, just lovely.

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