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Monday, August 04, 2008

Bridging Market Street, Broadbottom

Two photographs for the price of one today.

In April I showed you Godley Arches on the Manchester to Glossop railway line.

In July I showed you Hattersley Viaduct.

Now we travel a little further down the line to Broadbottom.

The first picture is looking up Market Street towards the start of the Broadbottom Viaduct. The second is looking down through the arch towards the village, with Gorsey Brow leading off on the left.

You may have already noticed that the second archway is actually occupied. Whether it is residential or just used as business premises, I wouldn't know, but you can see its front door on my photoblog Sithenah.

This post is our contribution to Broer som Binder [Bridges between]. More details and links to other participents can be found on Runes TX-Blog


Texas Travelers said...

Interesting post.
Nice photos.
Continue on to the next bridge!
Well done.

Our Bridge is Here.
Come visit the crossing,
Troy and Martha

Kris said...

I wish that I could say that “I live in Broadbottom” [snigger snigger].

It is a lovely looking spot though!


it's a gorgeous part of your town, isnt it?

imac said...

Interesting post Gerald.

RuneE said...

A bridge with its own occupant! That was a new one. I like those old bridges made with bricks - concrete often gets too dull.

Liv said...

Great post!

Anonymous said...

Neat bit of information. I had no idea these places could be occupied.

ArneA said...

You may have already noticed that the second archway is actually occupied" had to go to Sithenah to see better.meaning people living there?
Hope they have windows on the other side
Great story

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Both bridges are alive with character. I LOVE them. It surprises me that that the second one has doors and windows. Hmmmm. Very different.

Pernille's ting og tang said...

Interesting post and wonderful bridge-shots. I really like them:)

Lew said...

Is this where the trolls lived? Interesting concept to use the space under the arch, though I expect it might be noisy when traffic crossed the bridge. Great photos!

Anonymous said...

Not entirely appropriate, but I immediately thought of the song "Underneath the arches". I would have thought living directly under a railway line wouldn't make for a peaceful life, but you never know.

Kelly said...

Very neat! I love that the space in the arch has been made to house something!

babooshka said...

Is it another branch of the Phil Mitchell Empire? These are very pituresque, Despite having a Broadbottom!

Paulie said...

Definitely unique!

Meead S. said...


Big Paul said...

I was born and bred in Broadbottom, it brings back a lot of memories.


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