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Friday, March 02, 2007

Up Great Norbury Street towards St George's Church

This is the view up Great Norbury from near Hyde Central Station towards St George's Church.


alice said...

Nice sky...I suppose that like in Brittany, you don't fear any drought?

Mandi said...

Nice shot. It will be even better when the trees have leaves. ;-)

Bleeding Orange said...

I like the perspective with the Church at the back.

Kate said...

Interesting shot--I like the distance perspective.

isabella said...

Were you ever tempted to rollerblade down the hill ;-)

Gerald England said...

mandi: I'll certainly think about getting a summery shot later in the year.

isabella: o you are a wag!
I was never into roller-blading -- it wouldn't be a good idea down this street as it times it can be busy with traffic and there are five or six streets that cross at right-angles.

kris said...

effective shot! my eyes was drawn to the trail up to the church

Anonymous said...

hey i live on that street an why have u taken a picture of it its not excitin at all

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