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Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Duke of Sussex

The Duke of Sussex stands at the North-East corner of a busy little junction.

West: Clarendon Road comes up from town past the new Police Station and the College.

East: Victoria Street leads into Newton.

North: Ashton Road is an alternative route to the main A627 road via Dukinfield to Ashton under Lyne.

South: Commercial Brow leads to Mottram Road and together with Lumn Road forms an unofficial Eastern bypass for Hyde.


isabella said...

Is that a pub? You Brits are known for the best/strangest pub names, but this sounds so straight forward, it throws me off ;-)

Poly said...


Tank for the tips, I toke the list from your post "Men at work", I cut and paste.

I apreciated you help.


Mexico Daily Photo

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Looked like a library to me.

If it were a bar, I would call it Duke of Hazzard. :-)

Gerald England said...

Well I know the signboard that reads "Thwaites Fine Ales and Lager" isn't easily read even when you click for the bigger picture, but how could you mistake it for a library?

Still I'd bet that it has been nicknamed the Dukes of Hazzard on a number of occasions for various reasons.

Mountainboy said...

I walked past the pub twice a day the whole time I was at Hyde Grammar, now the college.

Although I lived around a mile away I don't think I ever went into the 'duke'!

Hyde was once described on TV as a bend in a motorway with pubs and chippies, it seems all the pubs are closing now. My dad's old favourite, The Spinners, went when the motorway came, I believe The Royal Albert has gone now, The Commercial? The Railway?

Gerald England said...

I don't know about the Royal Albert. I think the Commercial is still going. The Railway (Inn) is still there. I saw it the other week when I was taking pics around there although I didn't take one of the pub.

Tylers [ex Church Inn] appears to be boarded up now.

Ame said...


Mark, stopping into the pub on your way home from grammar school???

I dunno Gerald...what do you think...was that allowed back then? wonder everyone in the UK has PUB on the brain!!!


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