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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bridge to Derbyshire

Last week I showed you the border post which was actually one of the supports for the railway viaduct over the river Etherow.

This is the road bridge. It is so narrow that a set of traffic lights regulates the passage over it.

Behind us is the steeply descending Lower Market Street, Broadbottom.

Across the river, the road turns sharp left under Besthill Quarry, before climbing the hill to Charlesworth.


Chris said...

Lovely, lovely shot, Gerald. I would just love to walk that area.

I just noticed you have a blog for your Baltic cruise. I'll have to check it out If our dollar ever gets back to a good level, we'd like to take a Baltic cruise.

BTW. . .It wasn't a zippered purse!

Laurie said...

This is lovely. I'd love to take a walk right there.

Squirrel said...

These old bridges are lovely and worth the wait to cross over.

Middle Ditch said...

We have one like that with a set of traffic lights. It's amazing to see a large truck navigating such a bridge.

babooshka said...

This is just picturseque.

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