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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tramlines revealed?

When the roadworks started in April for the laying of a new gas main, our old mate Tom said
the last time I saw this part dug up you could see the old cobbles and tram tracks.. might be worth a closer look
so here is a closer look at one of the holes dug by the digger outside the NatWest.

Are those old tramlines? I'm not so sure.

See how the corner looked three quarters of a century ago.


Tash said...

Very interesting to see the layers of history!

Mo said...

Bring back the trams! We might get around the city faster.

Old Wom Tigley said...

I would say that they are Gerald... it just shows how the street level as raised over the years as well.

babooshka said...

Gary, is from Fleetwood and when a Uni. student had a stint on the busses and Trams. He thinks they are tramlines due to the Linear line, but they are a tad narrow for the ones he is used to. Apparently the wider the road the more chance it was a tramline. Fascianting, and yes bring back trams.

imac said...

Very interseting Gerald, love the OLD days(which I cant remember)lol.
Beautiful way you took the photo.

The Liberator said...

I like cobblestones and old trams. Where do all those old trams go? They were once in many American cities too.

magiceye said...

hey thats interesting...

Harry Makertia said...

Interesting. Do you have "new" tramline in Hyde?

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