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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Major Works Proceeding

As warned earlier, there is Major Road Works taking place in the centre of town.

This was the scene outside the Town Hall on Thursday afternoon with a dirty big hole being dug in the middle of the road.

At least the flower tubs are filled with bright spring flowers, just like they were in May 2006.


smilnsigh said...

Ahhh yes, lots of digging going on. Have to replace this or that...


bitingmidge said...

I know this sounds silly, but we could almost have a theme day on 'construction barriers' as the differences around the world are quite staggering!

OK, I'll leave now! :-)

Sunshine Coast Daily

Anonymous said...

Same flower tubs different colors. My wife goes for purple and violet and lavender but I would go for the white ones.

A neat photograph, Gerald.

We call digging up things "progress" over here in spite of the fact that people get sick and tired of weaving around orange construction barrels.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Hi Gerald, the last time I saw this part dug up you could see the old cobbles and tram tracks.. might be worth a closer look.. but don't fall in these 'Gas Lads' will only laugh.

Tanya said...

The first thing I noticed were the lovely purple flowers!
Road work can sure make a mess of things, ugh! I like the photo though, very colorful!

Per Stromsjo said...

I suppose we all want to make some kind of lasting impression and what better place to dig a hole than in the middle of the road? See, people on various continents are reading about this very hole! ;)

(Incidentally, your tram will appear on plenty Monday morning, as soon as water week is over.)

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