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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We do have Litter

A while back, someone remarked that they hadn't seen much litter in my photographs and suggested Hyde might be a clean place.

I replied saying that the problem was probably no better nor worse than in most towns around the UK and if she hadn't seen much here it was probably because I don't normally go around photographing litter. Not strictly true as I have previously highlighted the post smoking-ban litter problem.

I took this from one of the footbridges over the M67.

There is actually rather more litter strewn down the embankment than shown here, but when cropping I decided to highlight the gorse bushes rather than the rubbish.


babooshka said...

I wonder who the nosey person was? I confess to posing the question. It is a smattering of litter, that really bothers me. Litterbugs are very unsociable people. A beautiful area can be so easily spoilt by the selfishness of others. It is though a perfect example of a daily photo, the good the bad and certainly the ugly. Not the area, or image,just the litter.


you dont need to look very far to find litter in hania - it's just about everywhere. greeks are very good at destroying anything naturally beautiful by dumping their rubbish in it.

Old Wom Tigley said...

One of my pet hates this Gerald.. The trouble with Hyde isit is like a wind tunnel at times and all the rubbish gets blown through the town and sticks in the tree around the bus station.

marley said...

Yes, its a problem all over. Our town centre is relativley litter free but its the surrounding areas that are worse. Especially place near retail parks and drive through takeaways.

smilnsigh said...

Yes, litter is everywhere. -sigh-

But I have to -giggle- at your subject for this entry. I love it.

Seems that I'm reading very interesting photo blogs tonight. Just found one, of an old rusty dumpster, at a dump. And now, your litter. :-))))


Chris said...

Unfortunately, litter is an international problem, no? I can't understand why people must destroy nature by throwing stuff out in the open.

alicesg said...

We are a clean and green city. But we still have rubbishs in certain corners of our city and heartlands, if not for the cleaners, it wont be so clean. We need to pay a monthly maintenance fee to keep our estate clean. Cleaning also included a monthly washing of the estates.

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