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Monday, April 21, 2008

Clarendon Shopping Centre: Car Park Entrance

This is the entrance to Clarendon Shopping Centre from the Multi-Storey Car Park. There is no direct passage from there to the centre or to John Grundy House. You have to come outside first.


imac said...

Hi Gerald, guess the car park gets fuul most of the time eh?.

Back from Ireland and sorting photos,but the jars are now revealed.

smilnsigh said...

No direct passage... That's interesting. But I suppose people are just glad to find parking, and will go out and in again, to get to their destination. :-)

Thank you for your comment, on my leaving CDPB post. I'm not familiar with it being ok to not post a daily photo... I thought that was part of 'the package,' so to speak.

I think I need to learn again, about what you call your Around The World Guide. I'll do a Search and find it. Guess I lost the part, that I'm part of it. ,-)

And I won't be deleting my blog. I make it originally, as a Net record of my city. Even before I joined CDPB. And I'll still be having fun with my photographs, on my blog. And still visiting people I've met.

And I'll try to remember to put the link to my blog, after my signed name.


smilnsigh said...

Found it! 'Around The World' site and listings. Thank you!


kenziekylanmom said...

I'm going to add your link to my blog...hope that's ok! I really enjoy your pics!

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