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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

February quiz

Time for another little quiz.

What is this? Where is it? What is around?

Local readers may know its exact location, whilst others might be able to just make more general guesses as to its nature and surroundings.

Postcard prizes for the best comments/answers.

The complete answer will be revealed next Tuesday.


Squirrel said...

it is a pier ?

Squirrel said...

it can't be a pier--I don't know.

Kim said...

I signed in with the wrong identity! Would you please erase the other comment I left!

Is it the concrete underneath an expressway?

Also, thanks for the encouraging comment you left the other day! I understand!

Dick said...

A bridge? I think the picture is rotated.

Gwyn said...

It's my brain waves frozen in time.
How's that for a creative response?:)

imac said...

Here we go Gerald.Bingo.
1 = Its the footbridge over the M67.
2 = looking up Clarendon st

3 = 330 bus entering the bus station.

imac said...

Correction here Gerald, its the wall on Clarendon st.conected to the bridge.

Ghost Of Red Pump St said...

Its the large retaining wall on the m67 that backs onto the bus station taken from the footbridge ?

Lizzy said...

I wondered if it was somewhere in the bus station too

kaa said...

it's a brick wall.. quite possibly part of a bridge that is above some lake.

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