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Monday, February 11, 2008

Looking back at the M67

This is another picture from my walk by the river and canal in January.

Having passed under the M67, this is the view looking back along the snow-strewn path to the bridge over the River Tame.

As from March 3rd 2008, Hyde DP and my other blog, Ackworth born, gone West, will be participating in Broer som Binder [Bridges between]. More details on Runes TX-Blog, but the general idea is to post something bridge-related on the first Monday of the month [or the second Monday if the first is the first].


g_mirage said...

Hi Gerald, I wanted to ask if this page could be added to your other city lists. Thank you! Good day too!

Helen said...

Looks like a nice place to take a walk.

Hyde DP said...

Gizelle - Senor Enrique's Manila blog is already included in my Around the World guide and has been for some time.

Clueless in boston said...

I first thought the path was a stream bed. It wasn't until I read your text and enlarged the picture found out differently.

Great idea to post pictures of bridges on a regular basis. I've been doing Churches on Sundays (seemed appropriate:) on my Quincy blog and the wife is considering doing something architectural on Thursdays.

imac said...

Nice shot Gerald, glad you have joined Rune and his group og Bridge Building, see you there.

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