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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Twelfth Day of Christmas

January 6th is the Twelfth Day of Christmas and in our household is the traditional time for taking down the Christmas cards and putting the crib away again until next year.


Anonymous said...

In ours too, although I have to bully and cajole the family into it. My husband hates it when Christmas ends. And for several years I have had to have an 'Angel Amnesty' to get all the figures from the creche returned by my daughter before the 6th.

zentmrs said...

Ours too - it's always a little sad to see it end. Nice shot!

zakscloset said...

that sure reminds me that the holidays are over...sad!

Torun Observer said...

If you want to see exhibition of cribs look at:
It is in Polish but does not matter! Photographs is our interlingua :)

Old Wom Tigley said...

We take ours down on the second of January Gerald... the reason being it is Janes birthday on the 5th and it looks better to have her cards out on their own and not mingled with the Christmas ones.

Also decorations and the number of candles on Janes birthbay cake could be a fire hazard... ha!.

alicesg said...

Nice photo. We too have decorations in the home for Chinese New Year but some of us dont take them down till 1 year Majority of us use ang pows (red packets) to hand make chinese lanterns so it is a waste to throw all these beautiful lanterns away. Oh, most dont recyle the lanterns for the next chinese new year.

imac said...

Here too.

All packed away in the loft.

Nice photo of your Crib.

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