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Saturday, January 05, 2008


There are some blogs such as Tagging Taichung or Zürich's fubalu that specialise in photographing graffiti and other forms of street art.

Much of the graffiti I see around Hyde is puerile if not offensive and hardly worth preserving nor recording. Here, however, is quite an artistic example.


Nikon said...

I took a look at Fabulo, and I think the whole thing is a bit lame :)
The graffiti in your shot is colorful, but I have never warmed up to "tagging."

Lizzy said...

Im am always amazed at the graffiti that you see on the continent - particularly in the rurul areas of southern france. Other countries seem to be happy with it, but I think it looks awful

Gordon said...

Tagging is a problem here too. We also have some very colourful street art/graffiti, some of which must have taken hours of work; even that gets tagged by others!

I intend posting some examples soon on Adelaide in Photos

KAZ said...

Good colour sense - especially with the 'Danger of Death' sign top left.

Kim said...

Thank you for the welcoming comment. This is the best Web Ring I've ever been involved with. I can't wait to make my rounds and visit everyone.

Neva said...

It is very interesting....we see graffiti many places in downtown Chicago but what amazes me is that it obviously takes some time to do graffiti and no one ever seems to be seen doing it. Perplexing isn't it?

Deslilas said...

I share your say, some graffiti could be true "chef d'oeuvre", most are only poor and ugly writing.

imac said...

I agree, some are bad,some fair then you get the good ones, and I think yours come under Good - for its colours.

Come Swanning with me

Old Wom Tigley said...


The daft thing is Gerald I have 'TOM GEE CROSS' tattoo'ed on my arm... what a plonke r;o)

Squirrel said...

This is really bright and cheerful--but I like how you have stuff in the foreground that is soft and green.

I only take photos of the artistic graffiti-- my small village has two walls that seem to be set aside for it,and it is very neat and sometimes lovely.

NYCindividual said...

Great pic witha great contrast between something so beautiful and something many would consider not so beautiful!

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