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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Reynold Street

Looking down Reynold Street. The new apartments are behind us on the left.

The tall building on the left is the Conservative Club and the pub on the right-hand corner is the Last Orders Inn.


marley said...

Well if the Tories get tired of their meeting they'll be in time for Last Orders! Good post.

Nikon said...

Nice shot of the town, Gerald.

Nathalie said...

Dear Gerald,

Thanks for your visit in Avignon and congratulations on the excellent work you continue doing for the CDP community. I've just visited your Around the World blog - how nice of you to record the background and history of this amazing movement.

I would like to request that Avignon in Photos be part of the CDP ring. As you know I was a member with Sydney Daily Snap. When I created Avignon in Photos last August I knew I wouldn't post daily so I thought I wasn't worthy of the CDP label.

But seeing that
1. I post about Avignon only
2. I post at least three times a week, sometimes more
I feel I belong to the list just as much as some recently added blogs who are highly irregular in their posting or stretch their geographical roots on a large scale.

Thanks for your consideration.

Avignon in Photos URL is

Lady Demeter said...

looks like a very lovely street! =)

to answer your question, I don't know Conny (MoonSoleil) but I wondered why she didn't keep up her daily photo blog. Her photos were always very nice.

Gwyn said...

I received your gift yesterday. Thank you so much! I love your poetry. It was such a treat to share with my family.
By the way, what's the population of Hyde?

Hyde DP said...

Gwyn That's a good question and I thought I'd be able to find the answer fairly easily but all I can discover is that the last census taken in 2001 puts the figure at just over 11,000.

Ghost Of Red Pump St said...

The population of Hyde including Gee Cross, Newton and Godley is approx 34,000.

WorkingWords100 said...

Very nice picture.

Enjoyed it!

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