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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Toray Textiles Mill

Here is another view of those tanks which were the subject of my What is this? post.

If you want to zoom out (as it were) and view this from a slight distance, taking in the towpath on the other side of the canal, you'll have to visit my Sithenah photoblog.


Pat said...

How interesting. I have lovely memories of walking along the tow paths of that area on many of our hiking vacations to your wonderful country.

I would certainly appreciate your posting a condolence message in my blogs today for the wife of a good blogger friend...


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Nikon said...

I like the shots that you've taken of the factory and canal.
We have a Toray manufacturing plant in Davisville, RI. I wonder if they are the same owners & products?

imac said...

Nice reflection too.

Jackie said...

The canals and towpaths round your way are certainly very photogenic!

Nathalie said...

I like these remnants of yesteryear's industrial past.Nice photo. I would have given more space to the reflection in the water.
Looked at your link to your quiz close-up. Never would have guessed !

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