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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Shop to Let

There is yet another shop to let on Market Street. This one is not far from what used to be Burtons.

I can't remember what was there before but the arrows appear to indicate that the business has moved down the street so perhaps to was the vendor of washing-machines and other white electrical goods that now occupies what used to be Shipman's Surgery.

What brings this to my attention though is the statement that it comes with planning permission for use as a hot-food take-away. Do we not have enough? There must already be a dozen on Market Street alone of all kinds; fish-'n'-chips, Chinese, Greek, Indian, Italian, chicken burgers, Subway!


Old Wom Tigley said...

It used to be Dean and Nobles for many many years... an Electical Store owned by two brothers that always wore ties, called you sir and used brown wrapping paper. They would fit you a new plug or fuse and sold an array of goods. If tey did not have it they would get it for you. Great service and a shop well missed.

As for Planning permission for another takeaway.. I am not surprised in the least Gerald.. Hyde stinks day and night of hot cooking oil mixed with spices. It will not be long before all these shops are boarded up or turned over to fast food outlets. I have watched a steady decline of Market Street and the Market in the last few years... if I said what I relly thought about it, some would call it racist, whist all I'm thinking about is preserving our heritage and an old market town. Sad Post to me this one Gerald.

Deslilas said...

You, bot, are writing the story of your town.
I post some photos about three British men who died 65 years ago and have their graves in the churchyard of the village called Amance as the lake and the river.

Andrea said...

Did it move to a bigger location?

Chris said...

Unfortunately, Gerald, Hyde is not alone. We see that in the States all the time. We went for a drive today in the rural areas around Nashville, and in a small town we found a mostly boarded-up Main Street, but a McDonald's, Hardee's, KFC, Taco Bell and Wal-Mart. Heaven help us all!

WebOJ said...

More the merrier! ;-)

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