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Friday, October 19, 2007

Traffic Warden issuing a Parking Ticket

Traffic wardens are not very popular and some critcism is justified. I don't have much sympathy though for someone who has parked on double-yellow lines, feet from a short-term parking bay and a corner. Immediately behind them is the exit of Oldham Street into Corporation Road.

Of course the fixed-penalty parking ticket won't cost as much as the clamping release fee in some parts of town.


• Eliane • said...

A ticket, ouch!!!
I like how your blog signature echoes the neon yellow of this gentleman's jacket.

Neva said...

They are called "Meter maids" here in the states...we don't like them much either!!!

Dick said...

I agree, this time the ticket is justified. Thank you for tagging me, maybe later and I have to find 8 persons.

Unknown said...

hope it's a big ticket. haha..

they 'outsource' this job in Singapore, so the companies that is doing it is very efficient. sometimes too efficient!

Web-OJ said...

Oh, my! He may have learnt his lesson!!

Matt said...

Hyde is full of yellow lines these days! Especially where you have taken this pic! I am glad that in this instance that it has been issued cos people seem to think that they can park where they like in such a small town. I wouldn't mind, but it isn't as if Hyde is short of car parks - some of which are free!

Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

Are there "tow away zones"? for if someone is parked in front of someone's driveway or in their parking space. I understand the 100 pound clamping release would deter people, but wouldn't it leave the car there? Wouldn't it be better to tow it and make space for those who are supposed to park there? maybe i am missing something here.

Gerald (SK14) said...

We don't have the problems that large cities like London have -- there they do tow away cars and not long after they've clamped them and the charges for recovery are horrific.

I absolutely agree that clamping a car instead of removing it seems counter-productive.

Which goes to show that these things are more about collecting revenue than keeping traffic flowing freely.

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