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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Quiet Sign

This photo is by guest photographer Martin Chadderton, who wrote
I'm a big fan of your Hyde daily photo blog, and I thought I'd send you this picture of possibly the funniest sign in Hyde, it's from Ogden Court just off John Shepley Street opposite Morrisons.

It's not the best quality since it was taken on a mobile phone from a distance, but the wording on the sign about the elderly is extremely funny. I very often walk past it and I chuckle every time. Maybe the signmaker should think twice about the wording next time?
You may have to click on the photo and view the enlarged version in order to read it clearly. It says
Do they indeed?


Kate said...

God love those rambunctious wild elderly people. Retirement in the UK must be lots of fun!!

Strangetastes said...

Seen but not heard, then? Perhaps not even seen if the architecture gives any clues. Another example of the inability of many of your and my countrymen to write a clear English sentence. Eats, Shoots and Leaves, etc.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Very good, I'm going to show my uncle Burt this, oh! how I wish he'd be quiet. ha!..

Mr. Mapper said...

fun story. thanks for stopping by my blog!

Marie said...

Do you mean the expression has a double meaning? If it has, it is very funny.

Hyde DP said...

Hi Marie - I guess the irony is lost to non-English speakers - the unintended humour is because the sign actually says something different to what it obviously was intended to say.

The sign is addressed to those [presumably young people] who might want to play games and make noises on the grassed area and disturb the peace of the [elderly] residents.

Instead of saying something like "Elderly people need peace and quiet" it says the elderly need to "be quiet" which implies it is they who are noisy!

jb said...

It's also written by a part-time traffic warden who needs remedial spelling lessons...

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