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Friday, October 05, 2007

Cheshire Ring

Yet another Hyde pub with Cheshire in its name is the Cheshire Ring.

It stands on the corner of Manchester Road and, appropriately, Canal Street.


Dusty Lens said...

Gotta' enjoy after work at the corner pub. As a newbie here, could you please explain the "Cheshire Ring" for me. Thank you. Have a virtual refreshment of your choice on me...virtually speaking that is. ;-)

Hyde DP said...

The Cheshire Ring is a 97 miles circular canal route - see

Gail's Man said...

Except for the sign, it doesn't look a particularly interesting pub. What's it like inside?

Old Wom Tigley said...

Hi Gerald
The pub was called 'The Navigation' again a link to the men that would drink there and to the canal, behind here is the Hyde Basin where barges would be loaded and unloaded before naigating the cheshire ring and beyond. If you nip across the road to the canal bridge there is plaque commemorating Hyde Pit Disaster, the inquest was held in this very pub.

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi gerald,
I Have been a bit busy ( I bought a Macro lens and was a lot outdoors) so Here I am again, nice corner of this corner for a pub. :)

Have a good weekend:
JoAnn :)

Ps I posted some history about houes windmills and the "Zaanse Schans"

Andrea said...

I am like Gail's man....what does the inside look like?

Lizzy said...

The funny thing is, and Tom might put me right on this, I seem to remember that it has three rooms, one with a bar in, one with a snooker table and I don't know what is in the other one, but I can't remember any seating for some reason, it used to be quite a rough place. Haven't been in for years though

Old Wom Tigley said...

Oh! it was rough a few years ago, I think it as changed landlord quite a few times. I can not remember what it was like inside as I rarely went in... much prefering the rougher ones in the town centre.. ha!

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

I read all the comments on this post and it answers all the questions I have about the pub and and the cheshire ring.
I will post a pic of the oldest pub in British Columbia

G! said...

You cannot beat a real english pub. I dont understand why these authentic places are absent over the continent. Anyway, this gives us another good reason to pop over.
I am a bit surprised by the "open all day" Sign. I thought you still had these strange opening hours concerning pubs in england??

"Grand Sheik" Graeme Green said...

On viewing your Hyde daily pictures blog, I came across this image of the Cheshire Ring in Hyde, we hold regular Official Laurel and Hardy Appreciation society meetings at this venue on the last Thursday of the month, "Sailors Beware Tent 262" (see links from this site)plus we actively support Theatre Royal Onward in there cause.

Hyde DP said...

The URL for the Laurel & Hardy tent at the Cheshire Ring is actually

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