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Saturday, October 06, 2007

New apartments taking shape

All year we've watching the demolition and rebuilding on Reynold Street. Here is the shape of things as they were at the end of September.

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Chris said...

We have a lot of new lofts going up in Nashville, too. Actually, in some areas, contractors are demolishing beautiful, old homes to build HUGE new ones. . . .Makes me wonder who is going to buy all of these things!

NorthBayPhoto said...

Great series of photos.

Thanks for visiting my NorthBayPhoto blog.

FĂ©nix (Bostonscapes DP) said...

Nicely documented.

Stefan Jansson said...

Always interesting to document change around us.

Matt said...

Amazing how things change so quickly. I used to work in the little Tescos not far from there (Now B&M bargains). That entire area seems to be changing. I remember that Tescos being the main supermarket when I was a kid.

I remember the demolished building well. It's sad to see the older buildings disappearing though.

blueboat said...

Gosh, apartments are going up everywhere. In 50 years time I wonder if any houses will be still standing?

Glenn Standish said...

The UK housing boom, perhaps?!! Thanks for the email today. My Polish is also not too good...there is no real mention in the text but as far as I can make out from the images on the is indeed Krakow!

Ex-Shammickite said...

It's called progress!
Lot's of new building going on where I live too.... in fact a bit TOO much for my liking!
P.S. I think BOSTIX is the place where you can buy same day tickets for shows at Boston Theatres.

Dick said...

It doesn't look to bad, I like this style.

Lavenderlady said...

You have kept a great running log of what is going on...I wonder what they will look like inside?

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