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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Foundations laid

The previous photograph in this series showed the ground cleared.

Now the foundations have been laid and revealed is an hitherto unseen aspect of a corner of the Central Methodist Church.


julia said...

Reminds me of Time Team and their frenetic archeological digs. Any sign of the Vikings there? For us, yesterday the teams were in York, filmed some years ago.

Z said...

There's a house under construction on my way to my German lessons, and I try to take a photo from the bus every day that I pass by there. I find the process very interesting.

I've copied your "caption contest" idea for my post today.

Z in Villigen Switzerland

Z said...

Upon looking more closely, I have to ask: is that as deep as the foundation goes? Maybe I'm missing the scale here because of perspective ... the holes in CH seem much deeper. But that could be due to the still-on-the-books requirement to build nuclear shelters in the basement.

Gerald England said...

I am not an expert on building. These may not be the foundations as such. As there was a building previously on the site, I suspect the new building may be being built on the old foundations.

Miguel Angel Servellón said...

It is a very beautiful photography, congratulations

Josy said...

Seeing things from a fresh perspective! I love doing that.

zentmrs said...

I always find construction intriguing. Enjoyed your photo!

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