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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Path to Gower Hey Wood

When I posted the Village Green Well 2007, Elizabeth said
I was in the Brownies and Guides at 1st Gee Cross and the guider for several years at 2nd Gee Cross - we had a little hut on Silverhill Road, which I believe is still there - picture one day possibly Gerald?

Well first I had to find Silverhill Road but my A-Z yielded the answer. What I discovered there was a row of wooden garages. The end was a double and might have been big enough for use by the brownies but there was nothing to indicate that and I didn't feel like photographing them.

Just round the corner though, I found this delightful footpath that leads down to Gower Hey Wood.


Old Wom Tigley said...

I've strolled trough Gower Hay many a time, but not ages, thank you Gereld for bring back to my memories a place I spent so much time in. The path seems over grown so much now, if I remember rightly it was cobbled, and in those tree in front a Owl would make it nest in a tree trunk. Happy days.

Jules said...

Nice place for a walk - it is so green and cool looking.

celtbard_2000 said...

As a kid I have walked down into Gower Wood. I lived in Hyde from 1950, when I was born until 1963 when we emigrated to the USA. I used to live on Werneth Avenue. My Grandfather Andrew McGraw always used to take me up to the cricket matches on the Low. How about some pictures from the cricket ground?

Lizzy said...

Gerald how good of you to go and look! Yes it was the double garage, and 30!!! years ago a surveyor said it wasn't fit for use and should be condemned. The hut belonged to 2nd Gee Cross Guides, which was the Hyde Chapel Company, not sure why it was so far away from there though. Tom is right, the pathway you show used to be cobbled, it looks quite overgrown these days, it mustn't get so much use

Hyde DP said...

The path is still cobbled although a little bit overgrown especially the beginning bit I showed.

As for the cricket ground - the problem is getting up there, it is too steep for me to walk and there is a bus up only twice a week.

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