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Monday, April 30, 2007

Cherry blossom 2006 & 2007

The picture above is a repost of the one from April 30th, 2006.

It was Hyde DP's first time taking part in a theme day. The theme was to show something that looked as if it belonged in another city. Back then there were fewer DPs and we didn't list all the participants. Here now are links to all those I could find who ran the theme that day.

Rheingau thinks Sharon ~~ Sharon thinks London ~~ Kuala Lumpur thinks London ~~ Berlin thinks London ~~ London thinks India ~~ Sydney thinks Paris ~~ Paris thinks New York ~~ Newcastle upon Tyne thinks New York ~~ San Diego thinks Hyde, London and Newcastle ~~ Tucson thinks Hyde and Akita ~~ Hyde thinks Akita ~~ Greenville thinks Los Angeles ~~ Aliso Viejo thinks China ~~ Chattanooga thinks Britain ~~ Wiesbaden thinks São Paulo

Tomorrow's theme day may or may not be along similar lines, but 75 DPs have registered to say they will run the theme.

When I passed by that same tree last week it wasn't showing any blossom at all, but elsewhere there are lots to be seen, so I've taken a new picture of the blossom on the tree in our neighbour's garden. Across the road in another tree are our two lovebirds from last Saturday.


Kate said...

Thanks for the theme day preview.

Ham said...

Nice idea, Gerald! I confess I was going to go with the original specification which as I read it is a picture taken in another city. However,now you've made me think about it I'm going to pull out. Last time I looked "London" was about my only rule.

KAZ said...

What does this tell us about Global warming?
Probably nothing but it's a lovely pic.

Lothiane said...

What a lovely tree! I love spring time... :)

Thanks for commenting on my page and welcoming me to DP. I already love it here! :)

Dsole said...

wow, what a nice work, I'm checking all the links now!

Ex-Shammickite said...

Gerald: thank you for the unexpected honour of winning a prize on your Blog.... I have emailed you at your Yahoo address.

Lori said...

Such a lovely spring photo. It's too bad that spring blossoms don't last longer. They are so beautiful.

edwin s said...

Great one Gerald! I just came home from a birthday party...the same friend from last year (of course!) and you brought back some great memories. Thank you :)

lyondailyphotoblog said...

Nice tree!

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