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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Flowering cherry

Sunday is a "theme day" and Daily photographers around the world have been asked to post something typical of somewhere else!

Well perhaps this lovely flowering cherry would be happier in Akita, Japan than adorning the side of this 1893 terraced house on Union Street.


Denton said...

Good theme photo. In fact Midnitebara's, from Akita DP, post today included flowers. She titled it hanami and explained this means flower viewing in Japanese.

Vancouver Daily Photo said...

This tree looks very happy and "special".

Eric said...

Really lovely...and could maybe also be in Washington, DC?

midnitebara said...

Hi and thank you for the referral.
It is a beautiful tree, and it looks happy there on union street. I think it gives pleasure to those who pass by.

Seesaw said...

Great shot!

perle de rosée said...

A lovely spring tree. It is the best season of the year.

agrajag said...

Very nice tree. And a good theme photo too.

Thanks for your comments (posted on forum), I do realise that you've posted it a week ago but I haven't seen it so far (up to now). Hope you'll visit again very soon.

Greetings from Budapest,


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