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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Looking up at the bandstand

The last time I posted a picture of the Bandstand in Hyde Park we were looking down at it.

This one is taken looking up from a set of steps.


kalyan said...

lovely colours in the shot...wonderfully captured!

isabella said...

I prefer this angle...gorgeous!

Ame said...

Very ornate and artsy-fartsy-looking!

I like!

kris said...

does anyone utilise this for summer? it looks like a nice place to hold a musical concert

Poly said...

This a bautifull bandstand, in Mexico we have a lot of them and we call it "kioscos". Nice shot.


M.Benaut said...

That is one excellent and historic bandstand. I think I had better seek one out in Adelaide to compare with yours. Even so, you Brits. need to get on down here. We are quite British, really, but have only been going for 171 years so don't expect any Roman Baths or Stonehenges.
Artsy Fartsy, that's so funny. I had to stop laughing before I could type this !!

M.Benaut said...

After your lovely Bandstand post, I have found an antipodean one for you, but not until the little hand touches the XII, here, en Australie du Sud.

Kate said...

I had to check this out after Adelaide mentioned it on that blog today. Very nice---I like it!!!

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