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Monday, January 01, 2007

2006 Photo of the Year

Today's theme is Photo of the Year. I couldn't pick just one out of all the photos I'd published this year, so selected ten contenders, created a web page and asked all my readers to vote for their choice. I want to thank all the people who took the trouble to vote. The winning picture is shown above.

Here are the results, together with links to the original postings and some comments from voters. All ten photographs can be viewed together at The Best of Hyde Daily 2006

1. April 28th: Jack Curvis (139)
He looks so jolly and so not an American.. is he a typical Brit? ** I just love how that picture looks like it belongs somewhere and isn't from where I'm from. ** I just love the smile on Jack's face and the warmth I see in the conversation he's probably having with you. ** I love the man's wonderful outfit and smile. ** for sheer colour and that welcoming smile ** I always prefer people shots and that portrait has lots of elements to make a good photo! ** A guy with a hat like that in a typically english shop. Great.

2. October 27th: Looking up Treacle Brow (114)
I love the way the road bends around the picture, such a lovely place. ** That's very English to me. ** The cobblestone street is so very beautiful. ** It is my image of Hyde, treacle is so English and only in England do you have Brows. ** for layout and pespective.

3. April 10th: Hyde Chapel (93)
Breathtaking. ** Wonderful. ** Scenery has good balance. Green color gives me relax feeling. Of course, Chapel itself is beautiful! Houses at the front is nice too, the view far away seems like an ocean. This kind of photo takes me to quick trip to another world!

4. November 18th: Salvation Army Buskers (64)
I love the Salvation Army buskers. ** It's a classic!

5. July 10th: Booth's Well (62)
It illustrates the past(Mad Hatter), present (the flowers), and the future (stained glass-time memorial)...also has a 2006 date which stamps its mark in time.

6. August 18th: Old Railway Cutting Wall (60)
Old railway lines are a passion. ** This wall full of ferns is just beautiful. ** I think the heritage of a location is most important.

7. July 30th: Stained Glass in Hyde Bus Station (58)
Lovely and evokes emotion. ** Wonderful.

8. June 2nd: It's a Dogs Life (56)
I have a golden retreiver ** Wonderful.

9. September 12th: Mayor Rings a Bell (30)
I really like 'Mayor rings a bell'. Clanging in a New Year, I guess. ** Lovely and evokes emotion.

10. September 9th: Inside the Theatre Royal (16)
I'm a firm beleiver in the preservation of the Theatre Royal.


The following DP sites have declared that they are running with the theme. This month I am listing them in order of their start dates. Where possible the links will go to firstly to the home page and secondly to the site's first posting that still has a photograph available. As the day progresses I hope to add links to the permanent pages for today's theme photographs. A few sites surpress permalinks and I also may not be able to include sites who join the theme late.

Paris (France), Eric,
March 11th 2005: Snow in the Luxembourg Garden
January 1st 2007: First Snow
Tenerife (Spain), Pamela,
September 14th 2005: Bouganvilla
January 1st 2007: Best of 2006
London (UK), Ham,
November 28th 2005: Is this a good idea?
January 1st 2007: London Eye & Houses of Parliament
Greenville, SC (USA), Denton Harryman,
January 1st 2006: New Year Resolution
January 1st 2007: Coffee Underground
Brussels (Belgium), Andreea,
started January 1st 2006 but permalinks are surpressed
Vancouver (Canada), Jean Gibson,
started January 10th 2006 but permalinks are surpressed
Aliso Viejo, CA (USA), R Dolorin,
January 14th 2006: Orange County Marathon
January 1st 2007: Black Door
Buenos Aires (Argentina), Karine,
January 20th 2006: Inside Subway Station
January 1st 2007: The Tango
Newcastle upon Tyne (UK), Chris,
February 2nd 2006: Central Arcade
January 1st 2007: Times Square
Hong Kong, Lisi,
February 13th 2006: 1st post
January 1st 2007: Looking Down
Berlin (Germany). Philipp,
February 16th 2006: Brandenburg Gate
January 1st 2007: Sony Center Roof
Akita (Japan), Midnitebara,
February 27th 2006: The First Day
January 1st 2007: Summer Ladies
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Edwin S,
March 8th 2006: Twin Signs
January 1st 2007: Wedding Day
Szentes (Hungary), Kris,
March 17th 2006: Another Cold Day
January 1st 2007: In town without my car
Jakarta (Indonesia), Santy,
March 23rd 2006: Becak
January 1st 2007: Independance Day Celebrations
Porto (Portugal), Nuno Gonçalves,
March 26th 2006: Luis I Bridge
January 1st 2007: Favourite Photo
Chattanooga, TN (USA), Carol,
March 29th 2006: Choo Choo
January 1st 2007: Yellow Butterfly
Sharon, CT (USA), Jenny,
March 30th 2006: Welcome to Sharon
January 1st 2007: Hay Bales
San Diego, CA (USA), Felicia,
March 31st 2006: Cesar Chavez Day at Chicano Park
January 1st 2007: Salk Institute
Nottingham (UK), Gail's Man,
April 3rd 2006: Down Town
January 1st 2007: Emblematic Statue
Hyde (UK), Gerald England,
April 8th 2006: Hyde Market
January 1st 2007: Jack Curvis
Sydney (Australia), Sally,
April 19th 2006: Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras
January 1st 2007: Kevin
Twin Cities [St Paul/Minneapolis] {Cottage Grove}, MN (USA), Slinger,
April 23rd 2006: A Photo that Makes Me Laugh
January 1st 2007: City Lights
Tucson,AZ (USA), Louz
April 24th 2006: Palo Verde Trees
January 1st 2007: The Frail Duration of a Flower
Santa Clara, CA (USA), Ame,
April 26th 2006: Hi folks
January 1st 2007: Japanese Woman
Albuquerque, NM (USA), Helen,
May 23rd 2006: Sandia Mountain
January 1st 2007: Lion
St. Paul, MN (USA) Kate,
May 30th 2006: Welcome to my blog
January 1st 2007: Granddaughter
Stayton, OR (USA), Celine,
May 30th 2006: Jordan Bridge
January 1st 2007: Bridge Reflection
Stavanger (Norway), Tanty,
June 24th 2006: The Fountain
January 1st 2007: Oil Museum
Seattle, WA (USA), Kim,
July 8th 2006: World Cup Pup
January 1st 2007: Water Drop
Trujillo (Peru), Irredento Urbanita,
July 13th 2006: Huanchaco Beach
January 1st 2007: Love Has No Age
Kyoto (Japan), Macky,
July 20th 2006: The Ripple of Gravel
January 1st 2007: Smile and Happiness Comes Up
Houston, TX (USA), Candice & Megan,
July 29th 2006: Welcome to Houston
January 1st 2007: Sunset
Vantaa (Finland), Kaa,
July 31st 2006: Apples
January 1st 2007: Green Acres
Singapore, KeropokMan,
August 1st 2006: Vegetable Farm
January 1st 2007: Mereceds Benz Bicycle
Nelson (New Zealand), Ben & Meg Nakagawa,
August 2nd 2006: Lighthouse on the Boulder Bank
January 1st 2007: Boulder Bank Morning
Seattle, WA (USA), Susan,
August 2nd 2006: The Space Needle
December 31st 2006: Bee on a Sunflower
Bandung (Indonesia), Bunyamin Najmi,
August 4th 2006: PHH Mustopa Street
January 1st 2007: Najma
Santiago (Chile), Edulabbe,
August 7th 2006: Santiago from above
January 1st 2007: Guardian Statues
Auckland (New Zealand), Lachezar Karadjov,
August 14th 2006: Auckland is a Meserizing City
January 1st 2007: Fountain
Tokyo (Japan), Macky
August 16th 2006: The Waterfront, Tsukiji
January 1st 2007: Fruit Salad
Delta, CO (USA), Bill, started August 23rd 2006 but permalinks surpressed.
Sydney (Australia), Nathalie,
August 25th 2006: Sunrise
January 1st 2007: Glitsy Glam
Budapest (Hungary), Zsolt,
August 26th 2006: Mediterranean Summer
January 1st 2007: Day of Marcella
Sequim, WA, (USA), Norma the lavender lady,
August 29th 2006: Purple Haze Lavender
January 1st 2007: Reflections
Dubai (UAE), DXBluey,
September 1st 2006: Desert Hunter
January 1st 2007: Camel
Shanghai (China), Jing,
September 1st 2006: New Month, New Season
January 1st 2007: Night View
Singapore, Zannnie,
September 17th 2006: Are our roads the same?
January 1st 2007: Waiting
Evry (France), Olivier Perrin,
September 18th 2006: Le Parc de St Eutrope
January 1st 2007: L'Espoir
Joplin, MO (USA), Victoria,
October 4th 2006: Roadside Attraction
January 1st 2007: Ferris Wheel
Minneapolis, MN (USA), Chris & Deb,
November 8th 2006: On Lake Harriet
January 1st 2007: Stone Arch Bridge
Cheltenham (UK), Lynn,
November 25th 2006: Cheltenham Literary Festival
December 31st 2006: Pittville Pump Room
East Lansing, MI (USA), started November 2006 but archives not dated.
Trondheim (Norway), Alexander, start date not recorded and archives not dated.
Melbourne (Australia), John Evans, start date not recorded and permalinks are surpressed


Meg said...

I was hoping Jack would be your/our pick! Happy New Year, Gerald. Sleep tight - lots more to share in 2007!!

Felicia said...

Wow Gerald, not only was your photo great but the work you did to list the DP's start dates is really nice! Happy New Year and best wishes for 2007!

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

That's a great pic Gerald! Love his face, so jolly! Yes you really put in a lot of work for this theme day and it's been so interesting to see all that so thank you.

Unknown said...

Wow Gerald!

I am just awed at the work you have done for today's posting. Listing down all the DPs and their postings.

Wishing you a very Blessed New Year. Happy 2007 from Singapore!

I guess you did stayed up after all.

Kate said...

You are a very clever man---persistent and patient in addition. Thank you for all the work you've done with the blogs! And may 2007 be your very best yeare!

Anonymous said...

Gerald, your choice was a good one. The process of making the choice was difficult but enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

PS: Your correct, I offically changed names to Greenville Daily Photo on February 11th however I have been posting daily photos since July 29th of 2005.

Lisi said...

Gerald, first of all, happy 2007 to you and your family!

Secondly, I'm so glad that this photo wins as the best photo of the year...I think Jack would be pleased.

Lastly, thank you for working on the list, it's a big job!

~tanty~ said...

Hi Gerald!
What have you done was great and really appreciated! Was this photo your choice too? Jack must be happy :)
Happy New Year 2007!

Anonymous said...

He is a happy looking fellow! Happy New Year

Ming the Merciless said...

Happy New Year, Gerald!!

I like your #1 choice a lot.

Lavender Lady said...

I think this is one of the ones I voted for! I really like it, Gerald. Happy New Year to you and yours!

Kim said...

Cheers to you, Gerald, for selecting your faves from among all of the rest of ours. I love your jolly fellow behind the counter. Happy New Year to you in Hyde,

Ham said...

Nice to see that one made it! Tough choosing, isn't it? Happy New Year

KAZ said...

This takes me back to waiting outside the tripe shop in Blackburn while mum went in to get gran's tea.
Couldn't bear the sight of the stuff!
But I love the photo.
Best wishes for 2007.

Sally said...

Hi Gerald! What a great job you have done! I am lookign forweard to having a high speed connection again in about a week when I am back home to go through all these links!

At the moment I am on dial up at the holiday cottage (41kps!!!) which means I have plenty of time to read books and make cups of coffee between downloads! LOL.

So, happy New Year to you and your family, and I look forward to seeing lots more photos of merrie (and not-so-merrie at times) England!

isa said...

I bet it was a tough choice - but what a problem to have, eh?
Best wishes for the New Year!

Kris said...

gosh, did an ace job with this listing and I'm pleased that this photo got chosen, it is one of the best! ;)

Unknown said...

Can't be that many local butchers left these days, with supermarkets taking all the trade. He looks a happy chap; reminds me of Benny Hill.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year from Buenos Aires daily :) Very nice choice .. all the best for 2007.

Anonymous said...

Like Sally, I'm reading between loading DP sites, since I'm home on dialup. :)

Thanks for all your work on this post. Wow.

What I like about the photo you chose is that it really comes down to being an individual human who's connected with everyone else, doesn't it? I think 2007 is going to be the year of the human being. And the Time Person of the Year hit is spot on. It's each of us!

blueboat said...

Lovely photo Gerald - great to see a proper butcher! Happy New Year.

Ame said...

Happy 2007 Gerald! You're one dedicated DPer! ;-) Great shot...I'd buy my meat from him anyday! C'ya 'round! =)

Wilf James said...

What a great image and a good choice by the people.

I wish you all the very best for 2007

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Gerald. Great choice: I have a marvelous butcher here, but I was discussing this only the other day with my mother, who says there isn't one left in her part of the south of England. Sad.

Your list is brilliant too and thank you for doing it. I do especially appreciate it, since in this list I get to come second, whereas, being a "T", I'm normally a long way down the alphabet. Goodness, you must have the patience of a saint to sift through and sort all those names, dates, links, etc.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photo. It's like stepping back in time.

I am wowed by all the time and effort you must have taken putting that wonderful list together.

Have a wonderful 2007

Ruth said...


Thanks for posting this link at my blog. It looks as though you have worked very hard to put this list together.

Happy New Year!

Jenny said...

Yay, you picked the one I voted for! And wow, you sure put a lot of work into fleshing out the whole thing today - you are a devoted DP'er. I'm sorry I don't visit and comment more often - I really like your work! Happy New Year -- here's to many more photos and many more new friendships!

Candice and Megan said...

Happy New Year from Houston Daily Photo!

Andreea said...

wonderful list! is this what you were looking for the Brussels DP?

Zannnie said...

i was really very surprised to see this list!:) Thank you and I'm glad to see you've like the two best photos i like very much too, on my dp:)

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