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Friday, April 28, 2006

Jack Curvis

Jack Curvis has a stall in the Inside Market, three floors located within the Clarendon Square Shopping Mall.

He was featured recently in the Tameside Advertiser
Jack, known as ‘Jack Tripe’ to his customers, said: "I serve people from all over – Buxton, Macclesfield – and we even had a lady from France. There are very few tripe places left now but the ones that are left, people travel to."

Our regular purchase though is not tripe nor cow-heels but his home-made Cumberland sausages — he does them in links rather than the traditional round sausages and they are delicious.


Lisi said...

He looks kind of french to me and he has a nice smile and he poses for you! cool shot.

midnitebara said...

hi Jack! He seems like a nice person!

Natalie said...

People travel to get tripe? Go figure.=)

Louz said...

I recently had menudo (a mexican soup that has tripe in it) at Cinco de Mayo celebration where I work. Very good. Also has hominy in it. Yeah I know we were early.

Anonymous said...

Classic happy butcher photo and a great advert for tripe. Does he eat it himself? Judging by the wonderful smile I suspect not.
G. Williams (Vienna)

Anonymous said...

Apologies to Jack Curvis the tripeman. Yes, he does eat the wonderful stuff! Not only that but some of his customers, now over 100 years old, happily eat tripe every day.
There are over 4,000,000 entries on tripe in google.
Did you know that tripe heads the UK Crap Food Poll? Yes folks, it's up there with deep-fried Mars, brawn and jellied eels.

Anonymous said...

Just like to say i moved my wife to hyde from middleton an my father in law found jacks on is visits to our house an now comes more for the tripe than to see us

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