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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Mayor rings a bell

Mayor of Tameside, Margaret Sidebottom, ringing a bell in St George's Church as part of the Heritage Open Day event last Saturday


Vancouver Daily Photo said...

Now that's a bell. Also the chain looks large and heavy.

John said...

'everyone together......."You can ring my bell, ell el ring my bell!"

kris said...

that's one huge bell!

Gerald England said...

That's the largest of a whole set of handbells. I'll be posting more about them at a later date.

Carol said...

That's a big bell. She looks like she enjoying ringing it.

freckled-one said...

That’s a great shot. Looks like everyone is having a good time!

Sadia said...

wow. what a necklace! heh, it's good to be mayor.

Josy said...

Largest of a whole set of handbells?

I haven't read your follow-up post, but that only looks like a G3 or so.

Now, D3 and below... THOSE are big bells!

Gerald England said...

It was the largest one of the set that the handbell ringers had on display at the event.

I think they did say that they had a lot more bells than just the ones they'd brought to the church.

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