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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Church coffee morning

In town on a Saturday morning? Take a break from the ardours of shopping and pop into Hyde Central Methodist Church for tea or coffee and biscuits.

Our regular order of two teas, a glass of milk and five slices of toast comes to a total of £1.50.


Kris said...

you mean in the church's cafeteria? reasonable pricing :)

Denton said...

Interesting photo and post. Five slices of toast! Where is the ham or sausage? Also what comes after "Morning TEA and"?

Natalie said...

Do they let you order and eat during church services? Now that would be cool!

Vancouver Daily Photo said...

Gerald; Our local churches serve meals (lunch and dinner) but only on specific days and only to the "homeless". The church members work so hard putting on these meals I don't think they want to go into the catering service. Incidentally, they take the summers off.

Gerald England said...

They only do tea, coffee and toast not meals except when there is something special on. And this is only on Saturday mornings. I think they do serve tea AFTER the Sunday morning service.
They did recently a new item -- hot chocolate at 40p a cup.
The word "coffee" on the poster has faded!

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