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Monday, March 21, 2011

Benevolent Buildings 1834

I must have been by this sign many hundreds of times but I only noticed it very recently.

I know nothing of its history.

To see where it is visit Hyde DP Xtra.


ian... said...

There's quite a few scattered around on old terraces around Hyde, but I'd never noticed this one either Gerald - wonder where the name came from?

Dave Williams said...

I like the one on Mottram Road in the row of terraced houses just after the Onward Christian Centre as you go out of Hyde:

____BE SOBER____
____J.& H.S.____

Louis la Vache said...

No doubt the story behind this is interesting.

Optymystic said...

My older brother (born in Dukinfield 1949) knows of these properties in Mottram Road as Sober Row, for obvious reasons. My father was brought up round the corner in Brook Street and several relatives lived in the vicinity, including one at 123 Mott Road as she coached her budgie to chirp.

Any information on Sober Row would be gratefully received. Likewise on J & H S (perhaps Storrs, the Stalybridge builders). Given the connection between Hyde and the dissenting tradition with its links to the temperance movement, we should not be surprised, but I would love to follow up the story.

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