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Monday, January 10, 2011

Junction of Travis Street and Nelson Street

Looking down Nelson Street coming from Market Street. Travis Street goes off to the left. Nelson Street continues to the right then takes a sharp left to join Ridling Lane. That dog-leg section carrying one-way traffic between Ridling Lane and Travis Street is marked on some street maps and GoogleMaps as a continuation of "Travis Street" despite the clear streetname signs.

I don't know for sure but would suspect that the gap now occupied by a secure garage or store room was originally a corner shop.


phil barton said...

i lived at number 68 travis st as a child many years ago,as i remember Gerald, the space between the gable ends of the two houses was open & you could go around the back of those terraced houses.

phil barton said...

Hi Gerald & all,the corner shop was on the opposite corner looking down Travis st & Mrs Hardys shop was half way down on the righthand side before you got to Union st. I used to live at a corner shop on Croft st& the corner of Albert rd. There are old & recent pictures of this on this site thanks to Gerald.
It was built in 1863 & through its years it was mainly an Off Licence but is now a house only.My parents Ian & Helen Barton were the last to own the building as an Off licence before they retired,i left 10 years ago and moved to British Columbia Canada.

Gerald (SK14) said...

Cheers for the information Phil - much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

i remember the shop on the corner of albert rd,me and my mates used to pop in all the time during the summers

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