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Monday, November 01, 2010

Hyde Bus Station:
A Surreal View

Mark Delahoyde wrote to me a little while ago saying
I've been a fan of your Old Hyde blog for a while now being from Hyde myself... I love seeing how it's changed over the years! I recently stumbled across Sergey Larenkov's blog showing images of war-time Europe overlaid with modern shots, and thought I'd try the same with some of your shots.
As the CDPB theme today is Public Transport I thought today might be the ideal time to show his blending of a photograph from Old Hyde with mine taken some 50 years later.

For an intermediate version see Old Hyde for a 1999 view of the bus station.

Click here to view thumbnails for all participants to the theme day.


Steffe said...

That's a great idea. I have seen Larenko's photos and he is a master at this. And yours is also very good.

Anonymous said...

How very impressive a sight ! Please have a good start into the new month, weeek as well.

daily athens

Randy said...

Wow what an amazing photograph. I really like it.

Jilly said...

Fascinating. No photo is necessarily as it seems. What a clever melange of the two.

cieldequimper said...

That's simply fantastic.

Barb McMahon and Alan Mailloux said...

Very cool. It makes the modern building look even more so!

Heidi said...

Very good work and a great idea.

Tom said...

Excellent Gerald.... I really like this.. ;o)

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