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Monday, August 16, 2010

Douglas Street

Douglas Street originally ran between Nelson Street and Queen Street.

The James North mill used to occupy the land on both sides of Douglas Street.

When North's was demolished, the middle of Queen Street ceased to exist. At the Market Street end a short length gives access to Greenfield School.

The school lies to the right of Douglas Street here. A footpath leads to Mona Street.

From the Clock roundabout a new road James Drive services the new housing estate on the factory site.

James Drive runs down to where the middle section of Queen Street was. That bit of Queen Street (turn left at the top of the photograph) between the end of James Drive and of Douglas Street was renamed as a continuation of Douglas Street. The end of Queen Street where it met Lumn Road is now just a stub giving access to the rear of houses on Lumn Road.

To prevent James Drive and Douglas Street becoming a rat-run through the new housing estate, these bollards at the bottom of the photograph close it off from Nelson Street.


Cezar and Léia said...

I think it is really a quite street there.

Isla... said...

I used to ride home down there from my first job Gerald :>)

If you remember, their used to be a covered walkway above the road connecting two of the mill buildings together.

Elettra said...

the road blocks are very useful, I put them in all city centers

imac said...

Ah, just like my puter - no go area,lol.
Thanks for the encouragement Gerald.

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