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Thursday, April 13, 2006

James North Clock

After seeing a clock tower on Kansas City Daily a couple of days ago, I thought this might be a good photograph for today.

James North's was a multi-national safety apparatus and clothing manufacturer who operated out of a huge cotton mill in Hyde. The firm patented the PVC glove in 1947 and they were commissioned to make gauntlet gloves for Sir Ernest Shackleton’s great Antarctic expedition.

The firm closed down a few years ago, the mill was demolished and an estate of houses built on the site. The clock on the top of the mill tower has now been re-erected on this mini-roundabout. The road into the estate is called James Drive and the houses you can see in the picture are in Clock Tower Close.

I used to tell people who asked for directions to turn right in front of the Ring o' Bells but now I tell them to turn right at the clock on the roundabout.

You can see a photo of the clock and the pub on my Out & About site.


midnitebara said...

Nice clock! And love those red brick homes at the background.

Lorethian said...

I love this clock. Does it ring bells? I refuse to be outdone so I will be on the lookout for my next clock tower to post. Thanks for the mention.

Nicola said...

That's what I thought when I saw it, that it seems to belong on top of a house. Nice that they kept it!

Anonymous said...

They've called it the James North Clock but actually it is Slack Mill Clock. It was there long before James North took the mill over. The mill owner used to live in Slack House which was across the road from the mill.

chris.h. said...

I like that!!

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