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Monday, November 16, 2009

The Shepherds Call

The Shepherds Call on the corner of Market Street and Tower Street is by all accounts a traditional workers' pub with a regular clientelle.

Behind it on Tower Street is the side of the Thornley Medical Centre.


Hilda said...

I like how it looks with its dark brown bricks. Not a common brick color here. said...

this looks like the type of place I would love to check out.

Mo said...

Like to see inside too

B SQUARED said...

I love the names of your pubs.

Tom said...

I saw this on Facebook Gerald... and the comment above it on there was from Eddie, the landlord of the 'Sheps' as it is known. I have him down on my friends list.

It is one of the very few pubs that I now drink in... a great crowd and very friendly. The pub also as two Dart Teams that are regular mentioned in the back pages of our local paper. There is a number of folks that have been using this pub for over 35 years and have seen landlords come and go.... it as been blessed with a number of good landlords... Eddie is amongst the very best. 'Hyde Daily' 'Old Hyde' and my 'Wiggers World' have a small fan base in there who will be pleased to see it get a mention. I'll send a link to the landlord about this.... you never know my comment might get me a free pint. ;O)

marley said...

Looks like a proper pub, none of this fancy Gastro-pub nonsense!

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