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Monday, October 19, 2009

Behind the Chartists

One of the two statues outside the Town Hall is to the Chartist Movement.

To quote Wikipedia
Chartism was a movement for political and social reform in the United Kingdom during the mid-19th century between 1838 and 1850. It takes its name from the People's Charter of 1838, which stipulated the six main aims of the movement as:
  1. A vote for every man twenty-one years of age, of sound mind, and not undergoing punishment for crime.
  2. The ballot. - To protect the elector in the exercise of his vote.
  3. No property qualification for members of Parliament - thus enabling the constituencies to return the man of their choice, be he rich or poor.
  4. Payment of members, thus enabling an honest tradesman, working man, or other person, to serve a constituency, when taken from his business to attend to the interests of the Country.
  5. Equal Constituencies, securing the same amount of representation for the same number of electors, instead of allowing small constituencies to swamp the votes of large ones.
  6. Annual parliaments, thus presenting the most effectual check to bribery and intimidation, since though a constituency might be bought once in seven years (even with the ballot), no purse could buy a constituency (under a system of universal suffrage) in each ensuing twelve-month; and since members, when elected for a year only, would not be able to defy and betray their constituents as now.
Chartism was possibly the first mass working class labour movement in the world.
The Chartist Statue by Stephen Broadbent, unveiled outside Hyde Town Hall on 28th November 2002, commemorates and celebrates the achievements of the Chartists. For much more on the history of Chartism in Hyde see Pulling the Plug, Ringing the Change on the Tameside MBC website.


Jacob said...

I think I like Chartism - a lot! And I like these sculptures...what a wonderful flow of motion!

Tom said...

I think this is a sculpture for Hyde to be proud of... we have now lost all the mills we had... I have seen them disappear far to quickly... it is good Hyde should have this.... but I am not sure its placement is correct.

KAZ said...

That manifesto sounds good to me.
We lost the way on no5 a bit and there aren't many honest tradesman in parliament these days.
The statue is wonderful.

Hilda said...

Sounds like a very egalitarian system. I like it.

There used to be a property requirement for members of parliament??

Lovely sculpture!

marley said...

Great statue!

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

The Chartists went to all that trouble and now most people cant be bothered to Vote

Anonymous said...

Maybe there will be a spiral of time, moving such a movement back into the present and future.

Leif Hagen said...

Great sculpture - love the art!

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