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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Market Street Chimney Pots

Today's photograph was taken on the same windy day as the one of the Town Hall Flag.

What drew my attention to these chimney pots were the starlings alighting thereon. There are a few similar chimneys on the late 19th century buildings along Market Street, but they seemed to be aiming for this one in particular.

At least three birds are here, maybe four.


Tom said...

Those pots are nice Gerald as is the stack itself... but it really needs a good pointing job doing of the frost will soon split those joints. The chimney's seem to have lost the cement used to bed them in with... which building are these on Gerald... I might be able to pass this info on to a certain roofer I know.. :O)

magiceye said...


Lew said...

Nice shot! It also appears that the starlings are growing a little grass on the edge of the chimney

Hilda said...

Hmmm… maybe the owners don't use the fireplace anymore and they've nested there. Lovely image!

The chimney looks like it has several chess rooks/castles on it :)

marley said...

That is what you call proper chimney pots! Great photo.

Lois said...

What a nice picture! I didn't even see the birds until you pointed them out.

Rose said...

What a shot! I had to look twice!

Dick said...

Very nice shot, I like the grass on the edge.

Buenos Aires Photoblog said...

This is a very well captured chimney. These kinds of chimneys to me are the quintessence of old English architecture.

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