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Monday, August 03, 2009

Neighbours Week: 1. Denton

This week we are visiting our five nearest neighbours.

West of Hyde is Denton and this is Denton Town Hall.

Historically part of Lancashire, but like Hyde, now part of Tameside Metropolitan Borough. It has a Manchester postcode and is a buffer between Hyde and the City of Manchester.

At one time it used to have an open-air market but competition from nearby large supermarkets forced its closure. Fountains now play on the old market ground.


Jacob said...

That town hall is a magnificent old building...very impresssive. I like the big open area, too.

Nicely done!

Tash said...

Gorgeous photos...I like the glistening streets too.

Denise said...

Another lovely old building.

Petrus said...

The architecture is so typical of this region - the building reminds me very much of the old Heywood Grammar School.

This red brickwork can be very attractive - far better than the modern boxes that seem to be thrown up now.

Tom said...

I have walked past this building many times Gerald.... and only just realise how nice it is... I'm now looking forward to what other pictures you will be showing in this series.
As nice as the fountains are it is a shame about the market.

Nikki Beaumont said...

Oh, I bet kids love playing in those fountains on hot day! Pretty building. I really like that red, red brick.

Lois said...

That is quite impressive and a lovely old town hall!

marley said...

Great old building. Shame about the market but the fountains look good.

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