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Sunday, July 05, 2009

July Caption Competition

Time for another caption competition.

Who is saying what?

There'll be book prizes for the best captions offered.

Post your caption in the comments.

The competition will remain open for a week.

I'll announce the winner next Sunday.


Jacob said...

"I think we should go home!"

"No! There's still more stuff to buy!"

"But my back is killing me!"

"Aw, you're always complaining. C'mon!"

Caption: "I'm going home to hubby, you can go shopping!"

Alison said...

Get the bus home? No! Let's hijack that ice-cream van and make him take us to Blackpool!

Anonymous said...

Oh - there's that photographer chappie again - look the other way!

(Sally Evans)

lynn said...

Lady on left: "The nerve of the man. He told me to meet him here in the town next to his catering business! He always did have his head in the clouds, that Mario."

imac said...

3 Ladies - Shall we go for a 99?
or go down the bingo hall and try for the 2 fat ladies ?

marley said...

"I remember when a '99' cost 99p! thats inflation for you!"

Denzil said...

You know this place has gone downhill since old man Mr. Meschia died.

Ooh I Know, I know.

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