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Monday, July 06, 2009

Action at Caxton Works

When I last showed you the Caxton Works, the Edward Street side was covered with a wealth of vegetation.

It has all now been cleared.

Whether as a prelude to restoration or demolition remains to be seen.

There are still plants growing out of the top as you can see on Hyde DP Xtra.


marley said...

I hope it is refurbished, but I expect the wreaking ball is more likely.

Frank said...

Does it have a history worth protecting? Aesthetically (and perhaps architecturally, I'm not sure), it doesn't have that much to recommend it on first sight. Although I personally prefer to see old city buildings replaced - if they must be replaced - by parks or other green spaces rather than even less pleasing modern buildings.

Hyde DP said...

Architecturally it is a lot more interesting than the newer buildings behind it. From this direction now it looks particularly distressed - but see this earlier post of the doorway.

I was just by it about half an hour ago and there was scaffolding erected but the signs suggested demolition was on the cards.

Lois said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they are restoring it!

JM said...

I hope it's a prelude to restoration! The building is gorgeous and somehow reminds me of the Electricity Museum in Lisbon, in a smaller scale.

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