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Friday, March 13, 2009

Automasters Week #1 of 8

This week (and a day) is devoted to a series of photographs of Automasters.

The long established factory was demolished recently and I was regretting not having a decent photograph of the entrance on Manchester Road.

Last month I posted on Old Hyde a photograph taken from a passing bus in April 2008 which I'd not used before as the quality was poor.

I've been looking through my archives and found this from November 2007. I had used a different crop of the original to highlight the blue plague marking the site of the 1889 Hyde Colliery Explosion.

This new crop concentrates on showing part of Automasters offices. A better view from 2005 by Bob Adsell can be seen on Old Hyde.


Linda - Gold Coast said...

There are many buildings I regret not having photo's of. Sad to hear that Automasters has been demolished. Linda

अविनाश said...

thats good shot with sad news

Cezar and Léia said...

It`s a pitty.Why did they demolish the factory ? I think there are many unemployed now!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Tony said...

Its sad to see so much history go... I've been trying to capture the last traces of shops in my town as they close down and go forever...


Gail's Man said...

Another bit of social history gone to the great landfill in the sky. What's going to replace it? Flats and apartments that no one can afford.

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