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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Only Doing Their Job

There is free parking on the upper stories of Clarendon Square Multi-storey car park.

The lower part, however, is pay and display and someone has to check the validity of the tickets.


Boise Diva said...

I grew up in a town where all parking was free....much simpler!

MartinC said...

Why would anyone pay to park there when the upper storeys are free?

magiceye said...

is this done to encourage people drive all the way up to park?!

अविनाश said...

nice post

KAZ said...

I hate multi storeys - you see so many murders committed there on telly.

Lois said...

I wish the parking patrollers around here would do their jobs like that!

Ashtonian said...

In Burbank.
Parking is free.
As a result, everyone comes to Burbank to shop.
The city thus makes millions upon millions in sales tax revenue.
The city of Burbank is awash with money, the coffers are over flowing.

I would love to be a parking warden! I'd write tickets if you were parked 1 cm over the line.
There's a show on TV that follows the exploits of the parking folks in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, PA
It's a blast.

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